ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm was incorporated on January 7, 2009. The office address is located on the 8th floor (the entire floor) of the North Building of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Building, No. 2002 Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen. The environment is spacious and bright. There are nearly 150 lawyers and various professionals. Most of the lawyers and various professionals have undergraduate and master degrees from well-known universities at home and abroad. They have working or working experience in government agencies, enterprises, and well-known law firms. Rich practical experience.

      As an important branch of ZhongYin Law Firm, ZhongYin (ShenZhen) Branch has close ties with the Beijing Headquarters and local branches. With a professional and efficient lawyer team, a service concept of integrity first, and a strong headquarters backing, With its unique geographical advantages, ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm has developed various businesses in the early days of its establishment, and has been rated as an "advanced law firm" by the Shenzhen Futian District Justice Bureau as early as December 2011.

      In view of the characteristics of the Shenzhen legal services market, ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm has integrated and promoted its business in the fields of financial securities, corporate integrated business, real estate and construction engineering, intellectual property rights, and international legal services. 11 professional committees in business areas have been established, including: (1) securities and capital markets professional committee;(2) Banking and Financial Professional Committee; (3) Investment and Mergers Professional Committee; (4) Professional Committee of Corporate Integrated Business; (5) Professional Committee for Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Reorganization; (6) Professional Committee of Civil Law; ;(7) Professional Committee for Criminal Legal Services; (8) International Business Professional Committee; (9) Intellectual Property Professional Committee; (10) Professional Committee on Real Estate, Construction And Infrastructure; (11) Professional Committee of Non-Profit Organizations. The professional committee formed by the company, with team size advantages and rich practical experience, is committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient legal services.

       Since its establishment in 2009, ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm has never forgotten its original intentions and has moved forward. ZhongYin lawyers are now in a leading position in various business fields, and the per capita income generation level of lawyers is also among the best in the industry in Shenzhen. In recent years, some representative clients served by ZhongYin Lawyers include but are not limited to (in no particular order):

     1.Government agencies / institutions: Working Committee of the municipalities directly under the CPC, Shenzhen Finance Committee, Shenzhen Social Organization Administration, Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau, Shenzhen Qianhai State Taxation Bureau, Nanshan District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Nanshan District Justice Bureau, Nanshan Public Security Branch Bureau, Nanshan District Government Procurement and Tendering Center, Nanshan District City Administration Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Nanshan District Urban Renewal Bureau, Nanshan District Government Legal Office, Nanshan District Construction Engineering Bureau, Nanshan District Political and Law Committee, Nanshan District Committee Organization Department, Nanshan District Civil Affairs Bureau, Nanshan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Nanshan District Housing Construction Bureau, Luohu District Government, Luohu District Justice Bureau, Luohu District Committee United Front Work Department, Luohu District Government Service Management Office, Luohu District Financial Office, Futian District Government, Futian District Construction Engineering Bureau, Baoan District Judicial Bureau, Baoan Public Security Branch Bureau, Yantian District Committee Office, Pingshan District Government, Dapeng New District Construction Engineering Bureau, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Airport Branch, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, Shenzhen Water Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Examination Institute.      

     2.Financial institutions / listed companies: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398), Agricultural Bank of China (601288), Guangdong Development Bank, Qianhai Wezhong Bank, China Huarong, Zhongrong Trust, China Cinda (HK01359), China Everbright Bank (601818), CITIC Bank (601998), Tianjian Group (000090), China Resources Land (HK01109), Rainbow Shopping Center (002419), China Telecom (HK00728), Qixin (002781), Shenzhen Konka A (000016), China Resources Sanjiu (000999) , Hong Kong China Travel Service (HK00308), CSG A (000012), Mango Super Media (300413), Dash Intelligence (002421), BGI (300676), China Southern Airlines (600029), Xinlitai (002294), Beijing Enterprises Water Group (HK00371), Shenzhen Airport (000089), Jieshun Technology (002609), China People's Insurance (601319), Guosen Securities (002736), COSCO SHIPPING International (HK00517), Baoying (002047), Hytera (002583) ), Tongsan Lixing (002243), CITIC Securities (600030), Fenghua High-Tech (000636), Qinshang (002638), Livzon Pharmaceutical (HK01513), Skyworth Group (HK00751), Xinxin Thailand (002,294), Kang Daer (000048), new capital (300 130).

      3.Well-known enterprises: Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba, OPPO, AVIC International, Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television Group, Shenzhen Water Group, Shenzhen Energy Group, Nanshan Anju Company, Shenzhen Decoration, Samsung Electronics, Kingdee, Carrefour, China Tourism Group, CGNPC, Shenzhen Control, Shenye Shahe, Yunfa Group, Jindafu Jewelry, Shenzhen Tong, Anxin Securities, Guosheng Securities ...

      After ten years of careful operation, ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm has built a team of highly professional and experienced lawyers, which has won praise from the industry, customers and all walks of life. And the superb business level, highly responsible professionalism, rich social resources, superior geographical location, advanced scientific management concept, can also guarantee that our BOC lawyers provide customers with high-quality and efficient legal services. Shenzhen BOC Lawyers will also become a fully recognized, trusted and respected partner of our customers!