Brief Introduction to the Branch of Beijing ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm

The party branch of Beijing ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm was established in October 2010. At present, the branch has a total of 36 party members. Among them, Comrade Xie Lanjun served as secretary of the party branch, Comrade Li Liangji was deputy secretary of the party branch, Comrade Pan Liang served as the organizational member, Comrade Gao Jinghe served as the disciplinary inspection member, and Comrade Li Xingxing served as the propaganda member. Under the leadership of the party committee of the Shenzhen lawyer industry, the Party branch, in accordance with the overall deployment of the work of the party committee, is guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Three Representatives’Important Thoughts, the Scientific Development Concept, and Xi Jinping ‘s Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era. Great spirit, in accordance with the basic requirements of the establishment of grassroots organizations, strive to build into a learning, innovative, service-oriented grassroots party organization.