Securities and Capital Markets Professional Committee

As a member of the China Securities Industry Association, ZhongYin Lawyers has provided listings, domestic and overseas financing and other securities services for many Chinese companies. It is a major legal service provider in China's securities industry and has continued to gain access to securities and capital market legal services. Great recognition from customers. In addition, ZhongYin lawyers have served as members of the Sixth Issuance Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, as well as members of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh listing committees of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Director and member of the Financial and Securities Professional Committee of the Bar Association.

The Securities and Capital Markets Professional Committee of ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm is composed of the firm ’s partners, senior lawyers, lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and administrative assistants, and market research personnel. With profound theoretical knowledge, rich practical experience, full work enthusiasm and efficient execution ability, adhering to the service concept of "diligence and due diligence, high quality and high efficiency", we are committed to providing comprehensive laws on securities and capital markets for customers in multiple industries Service, build a professional law firm of the first demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

- Core business scope:

◆Domestic A-share issuance and listing (including IPO and refinancing), overseas listing, listed company refinancing, listed company mergers and acquisitions and major asset restructuring, domestic and foreign bond issuance, asset securitization, domestic and foreign private equity fund issuance, and the new third board.