Criminal Legal Services Professional Committee

The Criminal Law Professional Committee of ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm is composed of senior practicing lawyers who specialize in handling various criminal cases. The members are all graduates from well-known law schools. Lawyers have also engaged in criminal justice work in public prosecution laws and other state organs. The members of the committee have solid professional knowledge, solid legal theory, and rich judicial practice experience.

ZhongYin (Shenzhen) Law Firm has made outstanding achievements in the field of criminal defense. It has defended many major nationally significant cases, especially in economic crimes, office crimes, corruption and bribery crimes, smuggling crimes, and drug crimes. In the course of long-term practice, lawyers in the criminal professional field of ZhongYin have won praise from the industry, the parties and all walks of life for their superb professional level, highly responsible professionalism and good defense effect.

- Core business scope:

◆Criminal litigation, special criminal compliance, criminal legal risk assessment, intellectual property criminal protection, corporate anti-fraud, anti-corruption solutions, etc.