Banking and Finance Committee

ZhongYin Law Firm established a special bank and financial legal service team when it was established in the early 1990s. Its business covers financing structure design, project prudential investigation, project document review, legal analysis, drafting / modification / review core business The scope of the transaction contract text, make suggestions and amendments, participate in negotiations and issue legal opinions, etc., provide special or comprehensive for Chinese banks, joint venture banks, foreign bank branches or branches in China and financial leasing companies established by these institutions Sexual bank legal professional services.

Since its establishment, the banking and financial legal services team has become one of the core and advantageous businesses of ZhongYin. During the development of 25 years, it has gathered a group of senior bank legal experts and young elite lawyers who have enjoyed a reputation in the Chinese lawyer community. As a legal advisor to major banks and financial institutions in China and provided hundreds of high-end legal services, he has won wide acclaim in the industry.

Core business scope:

◆ Asset securitization, various bond issuances, syndicated loans, project financing, financial derivatives, daily legal advice.